Jurlique's 30 year celebration


To mark the Australian beauty brand Jurlique’s 30th anniversary, we invited the Danish beauty press and key beauty bloggers to Jurlique’s first events in Denmark ever. 


The Australian beauty brand Jurlique is famous for its organic and biodynamic ingredients and the brand has been named the number one selling beauty brand in Australia. However, the challenge in Denmark is to position Jurlique more as a high-end beauty brand. Through PR we need to support the movement of the brand from health food stores to exclusive and luxurious malls and stores by building  knowledge about its natural biodynamic and very efficient ingredients.


The Danish consumers are conscious about quality and ecology, both in terms of organic foods and nutrition, but also increasingly in terms of skincare. The rise of organic beauty products are growing in Denmark with consumers becoming more and more aware of what they put in their mouth or on their bodies. 


In order to mark Jurlique’s 30th anniversary we launched the very first event in Denmark  - divided into two; a press event for the Danish press media, and a blogger event for the most exclusive and recognized beauty bloggers. 

We had an exclusive event at the luxurious and leading chain of department stores, Magasin Du Nord, in the beautiful location named of the great Danish author and storyteller, HC Andersen. The location was hand-picked to tell the story of Jurlique’s incredible journey from being a small beauty brand to becoming one of the best selling beauty brands in Australia, and being sold in more than 19 countries around the world. 

The location was decorated with rose petals to symbolize Jurlique’s natural universe and favorite flower. 

To create awareness of Jurlique as a high end beauty brand based on organic and biodynamic ingredients we invited both the Danish founder of Jurlique, Anne Frølund, and the Danish beauty expert and award winner Daniela Fraser as   speakers to talk about skincare and the unique heritage of Jurlique. 


The press event and the blogger event generated a total of 35 press clippings on online sites, blogs and in press media, including high end magazines such as Costume, Eurowoman, Elle, Woman, Alt for Damerne and Femina. 26 editors, free lancers and journalists, and 27 beauty bloggers attended the event. 90% of the predefined gold print media and 60% of the top beauty bloggers attended the event, which is a very high participation. 

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