Food for diabetics


Successful repositioning of the leading Danish sugar free food and sweets brand, ISIS, and opening the brand up to a broader audience. 


Embracing regular consumers and not just diabetes patients and changing the image from “disease-oriented” to “healthy lifestyle-oriented” required support from the KOL’s within health and nutrition. When starting the campaign, which included TV, we had to make sure that recognized experts would support the message.


Artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, are often discussed with a negative approach, so based on science we needed KOL’s to support our message and make sure that consumers were not afraid or concerned about using products with artificial sweeteners.


We mapped the top KOL within the area of nutritional advice and arranged personal one-to-one meetings with dietitians and nutrition advisors. Through the meetings we introduced ISIS and the products, and we build knowledge and preference, so they could use the products in their daily work advising clients. We started an ISIS facebook page, sharing nutritional advice, recipes and news related to the area. We also started a newsletter for nutritional advisors and soon had more than 1000 readers of the newsletter. We developed press campaigns with different angels, introducing the products in new ways. 


We mapped 25 of the most important and influential KOL’s and had personal meetings with 23 of them. They were introduced to the brand and the products, and we were able to share knowledge about the advantage of using artificial sweeteners instead of sugar. KOL's started to recommend and use the products in their practice, and also mentioned and recommended selected products from ISIS when interviewed to various media about related issues.

The brand is now sold in most supermarkets, the placement in the stores are much better, and some of the products are even placed right next to the counter, as a more healthy alternative.

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