CSR: HP as sponsor at H.C. Andersen Children’s Hospital



Previously, HP Denmark had not been involved in local CSR initiatives, which means that the story of HP as a social contributor did not have any media clout.  HP Denmark therefore assigned us the task of turning the tendency around and tell the positive story of HP’s work to enhance the treatment of hospitalized children to a wide array of media. 


After setting all communication and PR initiatives on hold in Denmark, HP has struggled with Danish media perception of being an old-fashioned and unapproachable multinational company.  


In order to benefit the most and reach the full potential of HP’s sponsorship,  we selected target media and executed a step-by-step approach to gain coverage in national, regional, local and specialized tech media. Thereby we were able to promote HP to a broader readership than the typical tech/business readers.  

It was important to emphasize HP’ close cooperation with Odense University Hospital’s children’s department and how HP’s contribution made a positive impact on the treatment of hospitalized children.

In our pitch to target media, we included a press release and a video that gave the journalist the whole story, e.g. children’s excitement about the decorations and fairy tales prints and how the hospital staff used HP technology to calm and comfort anxious children. The most important fact was that fewer children had to be anesthetized prior to an MRI scan due to decorations. 

Our work resulted in much greater and broader awareness of HP as a human company – not just as an manufacturer of printers and PCs, but also a company with a local engagement.  


Within the period July-August 2016, HP received 17 pieces of coverage, including 3 pieces of coverage in national media, 7 in local or regionalized media plus 7 in specialized media. Total estimated reach of media coverage: 1.490.820 

We achieved coverage at the national public news station DR, TV Avisen, Funen’s largest regional newspaper, Fyens Stiftstidende and additional media as Familiejournalen, Alt om Børn, Fyens.dk, DKNYT, Ugeavisen Odense, Lokalavisen, DailyNews, Packmarkedet and AWM. Prior to the launch of the OUH project, HP had not been promoted as a company engaged in CSR-activities in Denmark. 

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