Linking HÅG to a healthy home office


Emphasizing the importance of having a high quality and ergonomically correct office chair when designing your home office. 


More and more people are working from home, but a lot of them don’t consider the importance of having a good and ergonomically correct office chair. Often, people sit and work at the living room table or use a regular chair in their home office. Thus, the challenge was to put focus on a good and healthy work environment at home, including an ergonomically correct office chair. We also needed to emphasize that ergonomics and design are compatible. Many people think of office chairs as being ugly and boring. Another challenge was to link the ergonomic office chair to HÅG, an unfamiliar brand to most end consumers. 


When organising a space for a home office, design is very important and often overrules other issues, such as ergonomics. Consumers want a chair that both looks nice and matches the style and interior of their homes. They tend to focus more on design and comfort and less on ergonomics. 


Together with our client we put focus on the ‘home office’ and gave inspiration as to how consumers can transform a space in their home into an inspiring, stylish working environment by using an ergonomic office chair as a starting point. 

We teamed up with two popular interior design bloggers, The Sweet Spot and Chaotic Harmony, who also represent a group of people who work from home. We challenged them to customize their own HÅG Capisco office chair, and create an inspiring home office environment around it. The styling event took place in Flokk’s showroom in Copenhagen and was filmed to create visual and inspiring content that afterwards was shared via both earned and owned media. 

The bloggers were educated about the importance of a healthy home office, and they were able to share information and educate their readers about the advantages of the HÅG chair. 


The styling event resulted in two great ambassadors for Flokk and their brand HÅG. The two acknowledged interior design bloggers The Sweet Spot and Chaotic Harmony put focus on the importance of a well-arranged and ergonomically correct work environment at home – directly linked to HÅG. They also showed that an office chair can really complement your home office environment in an elegant way. They educated their readers about HÅG, using several channels such as blogs, Instagram and YouTube. Inspiring video material was also developed for Flokk to use on their own platforms – putting the brand into a modern and stylish context. 

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