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Social media activity with focus on the benefits of charter travels and the All-Inclusive concept for families with small children.


Although Bravo Tours is among the three largest travel agencies in Denmark, social media PR is relatively new to them. The challenge was two-fold: 1) To show the benefits of charter travelling among food- and lifestyle bloggers, and 2) to highlight the convenience of the All-Inclusive concept among their main target audience, namely families with young children.


Both charter travelling as a category and the All-Inclusive concept are sometimes regarded with scepticism because many travelers don’t really know what it involves and are concerned that they won’t see much of the destination apart from the pool and the cafeteria. By getting respected family- and food bloggers to test and review their experiences with Bravo Tours vacations, their readers would get a personal and trustworthy account of what Bravo Tours’ charter travels have to offer.


We identified two of the largest and most respected food- and lifestyle bloggers and two of the most popular family bloggers in Denmark and invited them to review a Bravo Tours vacation during the spring of 2013. The food bloggers went with a partner/friend to Almeria and Santorini, respectively, where there are many culinary experiences. The family bloggers each went to a destination with an All-Inclusive concept (Crete and Almeria) with their partners and young children. 

All bloggers wrote extensive and honest reviews that were extremely positive about both destination, concept and travel agency. They all received many reader comments and specific questions about the destination, travel tips and good advice on All-inclusive traveling. Three of the bloggers even made extensive travel guides as a service to their readers, which now serve as long-term branding posts on the blogs. The activity gave Bravo Tours exposure through a new channel – blogs - and at the same time strengthened their efforts towards families. 


- 20 very positive and thorough blog posts from the 4 ambassador bloggers.

- Very personal reviews and glowing recommendations of Bravo Tours and the charter concept from four of Denmark’s most respected bloggers.

- Combined, the 4 blogs have approx. 240,000 unique visitors and 1,153,093 page references per month.

- Lots of links to and many comments and feedback from the readers. Also several Instagram pictures and Facebook dialogue for each of the bloggers. 

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