Brand awareness with Influencer Marketing


Making the Danish consumer aware of Tchibo by building brand knowledge through Influencer Marketing.


Tchibo is one of Germany’s largest retail chains and online shops. When we started our collaboration in spring 2017, Tchibo was entirely new to the Danish market and unfamiliar to the Danish consumers.

Although Tchibo is an acknowledged brand in Europe, it is challenging to enter a new marketand create brand recognition, exclusively through online channels. New brands may struggle in the e-commerce category, as buyers will have little knowledgeof the brand. Consumers tend to opt for the familiar or products that have been recommended by friends, family or increasingly influencers.
Therefore, the main challenge was to build brand awareness and brand recognition for Tchibo in Denmark in order to increase sales.


Consumers experience product reviews as personal and trustworthy, when delivered by influencers they can respect and relate to. Using influencers can therefore help and guide consumers with valuable information, and furthermore function as a persuasive tool to generate more traffic and sales in Tchibo’s online universe.


We teamed up with one of Denmark’s largest influencers, Mascha Vang. Macsha represents Tchibo’s target group - a ‘ready to purchase’ family within the three categories: kids, sport and interior, which are the main focus areas in Denmark. When we included Mascha as a Tchibo ambassador in our Influencer Marketing strategy, we challenged her to write and post honest reviews and opinions of different Tchibo products throughout the year.

But why Mascha?

1.    Mascha fits the target group and the Tchibo universe. She often shares posts about her daughter, her workouts and her house/interior with her followers.

2.    Mascha has a high level of credibility among her followers. Her followers trust her, and they are inspired by her.

3.    Mascha’s blog has a very high reach, compared to other Danish blogs. Her followers are very loyal – they follow her faithfully and are very engaged.  


Our work with Mascha as a Tchibo ambassador has resulted in 2 very thorough blogposts supported by Instagram photos, stories and Facebook. Over all the collaboration has resulted in a total reach of 600.000 and 190 direct sales to

Mascha has managed to communicate Tchibo to her followers in an engaging way and has showed how Tchibo differentiates itself from competing web shops.Through use of several SoMe channels, Mascha has helped build brand knowledge by educating her followers on Tchibo and their range of unique products.

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