Introducing Anastasia Beverly Hills to the Danish market


Making the Danish media, beauty bloggers and the general consumer aware of Anastasia Beverly Hills by building knowledge about the brand and its unique products.


When we started our collaboration in 2016, Anastasia Beverly Hills was entirely new on the Danish market and unfamiliar to many Danish consumers. In a universe of plenty exclusive beauty brands, it was important to establish Anastasia Beverly Hills as a luxiuorius and high-end brand, that is seperate from other beauty brands. 

Therefore the main challenge was to make the costumer aware by building knowledge about the American brand and its unique products. 

Another challenge was the availibility and distribution. When our collaboration started, Anastasia was only sold in very few Danish webshops, which made it hard for consumers to get their hands on the products.  


The target group of Anastasia Beverly Hills is the modern woman, who is conscious about quality and inspired by national and international celebrities and influencers – especially on social media and YouTube.

The target audience is very interested in make-up and loves to experiment with several makeup techniques, different colors, contrasts and shadows. In addition, she wants to get easy access to the products, to feel the quality and try different shades on her own skin.


In order to make the Danish consumers aware of Anastasia Beverly Hills, our task was to create attention around the brand among high-end beauty press and the most exclusive beauty bloggers and influencers. Therefore, we initiated our collaboration in March 2016 by organizing our first and very successful blogger event in our showroom, where we invited 17 Danish influencers and key beauty bloggers. A professional makeup-artist attend the event to talk about the different products and offered to do the bloggers’ brows. In that way we managed to make the bloggers aware of the wide range of Anastasia’s high quality products. 

As a follow up from the first and succesful event in Denmark, we organized a large beauty event for Anastasia Beverly Hills in Magasin Du Nord, in November 2017. We invited the 10 most exclusive journalists and freelancers from the Danish press in the morning and 25 of Denmark's biggest and most passionate beauty influencers. At the event, the fall news from Anastasia was presented, while 4 professionel makeup artists gave make-overs and taught makeup techniques, using the new products in action.

During the years 2016-2017, we have launched a number of press releases and established different co-operations with some of the top female celebrities in Denmark, including IT-girl Maria Jernov, blogger Irina Babenko, blogger Sandra Willer and TV-host, editor in chief and actress Christiane Schaumburg Müller – all very hyped and popular among the readers. These celebrities and IT-girls function as great and valuable ambassadors for Anastasia Beverly Hills and have helped generate high awareness for the brand.


In 2016 Anastasia Beverly Hills was introduced to the Danish market, and in that period the brand received a total of 400 print and online/SoMe press clippings.

In 2017, the amount of exposures has more than doubled. As part of our strategy, we have been focusing on inspiring high key bloggers and YouTubers, who has a great impact on their followers – both in terms of beauty and make-up. And it paid off.

In 2017, we generated 814 Anastasia Beverly Hills press clippings, including 31 clippings in key print and online media such as Alt for Damerne, Femina, Q, Børsen, ELLE and IN. 123 clippings were from blogs, 523 from social media and 137 from YouTube. 

As a result of our activities and the many exposures during the period of 2016-2017, we have helped generate great demand for Anastasia Beverly Hills' products. This in turn has led to the brand now being sold in all Sephora stores and shopcorners in Denmark, including Sephora's Danish webshop.

The great results are also mirrored in Anastasia's financial statements, where the Danish sales rate has increased with 23% in 2017, compared to 2016.

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