Connect Communication is a communications agency that loves to make a difference for others. Those are fine words that can easily turn into a cliché, but with a certain amount of humility we dare to claim that they are true.

How? Simply by helping our customers devise and execute ambitious communication strategies. Once the framework is in place, we roll up our sleeves and focus on achieving the common goals we have set. We dig out the good stories, put on our storytelling cap and package values ​​and messages to make them go straight to the heart of the recipient.

Creative ideas and positive sparring with colleagues and customers are compulsory for us. We share almost anything and everything with each other, draw on each other's core competencies, grow strong relationships, and always help where there is a need. The result is an agency where we truly thrive and grow together with our customers.

We are neither the largest nor the most well-known communication agency, but our customers and network clearly sense the passion and enthusiasm we feel for the tasks we solve. We work to deliver solid results and provide an exceptional service that we are proud of. And that makes a difference.

We do strategic, consistent.

The success of our clients means everything to us, and everyday we work to connect brands and people. We know success does not come from a single deliverable—or even a single campaign. In the endless flood of messaging that today’s consumers are exposed to, even amazing creativity is quickly washed away. Truly sustainable engagement results from the consistency and deeper understandings that grow from close strategic partnerships and collaboration.

In a world that constantly seeks relevance, it is important to be able to tell your story clearly and consistently. Every aspect must be captivating in the moment of discovery, but also aligned to create the coherence of a broader narrative. That is how we establish the spark of connection and deeper significance that inspires personal and collective action.

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International partners

We are a proud partner of the award-winning PR network Porter Novelli, who co-operates with agencies in 60 countries and has more than 100 offices worldwide. Porter Novelli is one of the world's leading PR networks and part of Omnicom Group Inc.

Through Porter Novelli we can offer clients customized solutions for local, regional and international cooperations, gathering the most specialized communication expertise within each market.

We have a strong and particularly close cooperation with the other Nordic agencies. Our offices are located in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Oslo, Helsinki and Copenhagen with 40+ communication experts and media specialists across the region.